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SharekFileOS is the official OS of SharekFile Cloud . This OS was made for all SharekFile
ussrs and for all Linux Users, that would a powerfull distribution based on Debian


SharekFileOS is an OS based on Debian Stable, but some packages come from Debian Testing, for make a distribution very stable, but very updated.
Inside SharekFileOS, you will find some applications for start to work instantly the installation, without configuring manually the os. Furthermore, you will find, in the next beta, some original applications, developed by the SharekFile Team.
For now this os is stable for daily use, without bugs and problems. The OS have all drivers free and not-free, for a lot of old and new computer devices.
SharekFileOS support Debian 9. Once the system is installed, do a system upgrade, to upgrade Debian to version 9.


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